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The Button

An Elegant USB Button for your Photo Booth


I built a USB Button for my photo booth. I wrote a blog post about it, which you can read, and I helped people build their own in the comments and via email.

But some people asked, “Hey, can I just pay you to make one for me?” So I made a bunch of them... and now you can buy one.

The Button uses a small microcontroller called a Teensy that emulates a USB keyboard. We’ve programmed it to type a space when you push the button, eliminating the need for a full keyboard. Users simply push the button to trigger the photo booth.

The Button should work on any computer that supports USB, and should not need any special drivers, since it’s basically just a keyboard with one key—a spacebar. It should also work fine with any other photo booth software that uses a spacebar for the trigger. (We can also program other keys or key combos, just ask!)

Note: Even though the photos show a green or yellow push button, we've also got a pinkish-red button, and a blue one. Unless you need a specific color, we'll send you whatever we have available. If you need a specific color, please request either green, yellow, pinkish-red, or blue, though be aware this may delay your order by a week.

So here’s the deal—if you want one, they are $80.00 USD. (Shipping is extra and will be calculated at checkout.)

At this time we’re accepting payments via PayPal, so please use the “Buy Now” button below.

$80.00 USD

If paying by credit card, the charge on your bill will appear from “2XLNETWORKS”

2XL Networks • 2924 N 69th St. • Milwaukee, WI • 53210 • info@2xlnetworks.com

(Is a spacebar button not quite what you need? We can also do F5 or other custom button programming, including multiple buttons for more controls. If you can provide the enclosure and all you need is a pre-programmed Teensy with a button, take a look at The (Bare) Button. Otherwise, for something custom please email info@2xlnetworks.com with a description of what you’re looking for.)