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The (Big Bare) Button
The (Big Bare) Button

The (Big Bare) Button

A Big Bare USB Button for your Photo Booth


I built a USB Button for my photo booth. I call it The Button and it consists of a die-cast aluminum box painted black, with non-slip rubber feet, and a button attached to a Teensy. It's a damn fine looking button if I do say so myself! (And then I made a bigger one! See it here.)

But... If you're a bit more DIYer and don't need a fancy case, then The (Big Bare) Button is for you.

The (Big Bare) Button functions just like The (Big) Button, but we leave out the nice case and the rubber feet. You get the Teensy (programmed and tested) with a giant red button soldered in place, and a USB cable.

If you've got the chops to build your own case or somehow incorporate The (Big Bare) Button into your photo booth, then go for it! We're happy to leave out the case.

Note: Even though the photos show a giant red button, we can also get a yellow button, a green one, and a blue one. If you want a color other than red, let us know, though be aware this may delay your order by a week.

If you want one, they are $75.00 USD. (Shipping is extra and will be calculated at checkout.)

At this time we’re accepting payments via PayPal, so please use the “Buy Now” button below.

$75.00 USD

If paying by credit card, the charge on your bill will appear from “2XLNETWORKS”

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(Is a spacebar button not quite what you need? We can also do F5 or other custom button programming, including multiple buttons for more controls. For something custom please email info@2xlnetworks.com with a description of what you’re looking for.)